Admissions at The Columbus School has the purpose of attracting families and students interested in an educational environment that directly involves each student in experiences to achieve their individual potential. The School believes in the importance of an educational philosophy for candidate families that is in harmony with the programs, services and resources offered by the School and is aligned to our Navigational Chart: The Columbus Way.

Students will be admitted based on the availability of space, academic and  disciplinary development. With the exception of admissions to K4, all students who wish to enroll at School must demonstrate a level of English determined by the School.

* Note: The school reserves the right of admission and does not acquire any type of obligation just for receiving an admissions request. 

The Columbus School Learning Principles

At The Columbus School, we believe that learning is enhanced when it is personalized. We have created a shared vision of what we believe and what real learning looks like,which is guided by the work of Wiggins and McTighe. We updated our learning principles in 2013.
The Columbus School knows learning is effective when:
  1. Learners have a respectful environment. Therefore, we will make sure that every Columbus Student feels safe, secure, and supported.
  2. Learners need opportunities to interact with others to enhance their learning experience. Therefore, we will provide time for every Columbus Student to collaborate in a variety of situations.
  3. Learners need to be challenged in developmentally appropriate ways. Therefore, we will provide challenges and differentiated learning experiences for every Columbus Student.
  4. Learners need opportunities to direct their own learning through self-motivation. Therefore, we will provide opportunities for every Columbus Student to have ownershipof their learning.
  5. Learners need to recognize how they learn in order to strengthen their thinking strategies. Therefore, we will help all Columbus Students develop an awareness of their intellectual habits.
  6. Learners need to apply their learning and put it in context. Therefore, we share the purpose of learning with every Columbus Student so they can make connections with the real world.
  7. Learners learn by practicing and developing skills over time. Therefore, we will provide timely and goal-directed feedback to every Columbus Student so that they are guided through their learning journey.
  8. Learners learn better when they make connections to what they already know. Therefore, we will activate prior knowledge by using best instructional practices to construct new understandings with every Columbus Student.
  9. Learners need to be able to transfer their new understandings to new situations. Therefore, we will organize instruction around big ideas, essential questions, and core concepts in order to guide every Columbus Student towards new knowledge.


1 Source: International Baccalaureate