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Our curriculum is based on standards and benchmarks, essential agreements and units for each subject and grade developed by our staff.  We review and revise it annually to ensure that a meaningful and coherent scope and sequence of skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes are systematically being taught and assessed. Curriculum maps developed by teachers at each department level identify themes and units taught and unit plans are continually being refined by teacher teams. Teachers employ a ‘backward-design planning’ model.

Language Arts:
At the Columbus School we believe that literacy is a vehicle for effective learning. To be successful throughout formal education and later as productive adults, students need to read with understanding, write with clarity, speak and listen effectively, and interpret and observe critically and creatively. Technological tools support the development of language arts strands.

English offerings are as follows: 9th Grade English Literature is a survey course of the different genres of English literature. 10th Grade English covers American Literature; 11th Contemporary, and 12th Grade, World Literature. 21st Century English support classes (9-12)
Spanish Offerings are as follows: 9th Grade Spanish covers Literature Hispano 10th Grade Spanish covers Latino Americano; 11th Grade, Espanola, and 12th Grade, World Literature

Science: Our science program endeavors to generate students who are curious, critical, and proactive thinkers.  Our Science facilities include four laboratories. Additionally, the science department takes two field trips one to an active volcano and another to the mountains for star gazing (Astronomy).

Science offerings include: Biology I and II, Chemistry I and Chemistry II, Physical Science, and Physics. Additionally, AP courses are offered in all of the aforementioned areas.

Math: Students take mathematics for four years at the Columbus School. Every student is required to graduate with Calculus. The curriculum is traditional and rigorous. The school also has incorporated IMP / Integrated Math throughout grades 9 – 11.

Math offerings include: Algebra I and II Geometry/Trigonometry, Pre Calculus, and Calculus. Additionally, AP Calculus is offered. The school has also incorporated the IMP / Integrated Math Program throughout grades 9 – 12.

Social Studies: Our social studies program is multicultural and diverse with courses befitting both the US and Colombian curriculums. Our students take Colombian Constitution and Colombian History as well as the more traditional classes taught in English such as World History, U.S. History, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and 20th Century History/Current Events. AP World History and AP European History are also offered as electives.

Philosophy: This class is offered to 11th and 12th grade students. The purpose of the subject is for students to arrive at a rationalized notion of reality beginning with philosophical concepts.

Psychology and Philosophy: This course is offered to 12th grade students and it seeks to provide them with foundations to be able to think in a logical manner about all the effects of human relations.

Technology: The Columbus School has state of the art technology offerings. Every classroom is equipped with a computer for the teacher. The school has two computer labs in the high school, one mechanical drawing room in the Fine Arts Building and an electronics lab. Each class is also equipped with closed circuit TV which broadcasts everything from CNN to The Columbus Morning News, which is also attached to the teacher’s computer. There are also different options for those teachers that want to use technology in their classes. Amongst these options are LCD projectors, a traveling lap top cart, interactive whiteboards, clickers, and a technology coach to help teachers who want to learn to more about using technology in their classroom.

The Arts: Art and technical drawing courses are required for all students from 9th to 12th grade and are electives in 11th and 12th grades. The art department makes two events during the year, Binational Art Festival and exhibition at a shopping mall in the city. We have a new performing Arts Center on Campus this year and expect to begin producing full length dramas and musicals. Art offerings include: Painting, Advanced Art, Photography, Technical Drawing I and II.

This curriculum is based on standards and benchmarks, essential agreements and units for each subject and grade, developed by our teacher personnel. The High School curriculum undergoes an annual revision to endure consistency and relevance.

French Elective

FranÇais I, II, III

Language can be a key to meaningful communication among persons or groups, or it can be a barrier to communication.

Bilingualism is the ability to master the use of two languages, and multilingualism is the ability to master the use of more than two languages.

There are about 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, and French is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English. Also, it is the only language, other than English, spoken on five continents. It is the official working language of organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, OECD, the International Red Cross and many other important organizations and enterprises…

In school, you will learn the basic vocabulary necessary to communicate in French, and to understand the language when spoken to. With three levels, and your best dedication and enthusiasm, you will obtain a third language after three years of completing three levels of French.

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