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Bilingual Program

Our youngest students begin at 4 years old in K4, where we have 6 classrooms, each with a Homeroom teacher and an assistant. Most of the classes in this grade level are taught in Spanish, while English is introduced through songs, music and games for one hour everyday.

Starting in K5, through fifth grade, students have homeroom classes in English and one hour a day for Spanish/Colombia Social Studies instruction. Special classes are a mix of Spanish and English.

In Middle School and High School,   between 60 to 70% of the classes are in English and 30 to 40% are in Spanish, depending on the elective classes they have chosen. This structure provides the opportunity for students to develop a high level of bilingualism as indicated on the results of the Pruebas Saber, the AP results and the acceptance of students at universities abroad.  

In Middle and High School, students use lockers and rotate to the different classrooms according to their schedule. Students become more autonomous.


As an American International school in Colombia, The Columbus School has a significant amount of autonomy in terms of curriculum and instructional strategies. The curriculum is based on a combination of both Colombian, American and International standards leaving space for teacher autonomy with survey results indicating that a high percentage of teachers agree the school supports an innovative and collaborative culture.      

We work to educate students who are ethical, global citizens and agents of positive change. 

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Academic Structure and Course of Study

The Columbus School was  founded in 1947 and is a private, college preparatory school governed by an appointed board of trustees.

We have a double diploma and curriculum accredited by AdvancED and the Colombian Ministry of Education. Upon graduation, our 12th grade students receive a High School Diploma and a Colombian High School  diploma.

Children learn different subject areas in various ways which are always dynamic and seeking to make sure students connect their learning in class with the real world.

Every year 15-20% of  our students leave Colombia to study abroad with excellent results.


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** Data from SY 18-19