Foundation Special Tax Regime

The Columbus School Foundation with NIT 800.188.329-7 publishes to civil society the documents that prove the updating process in the Special Tax Regime – RTE of Income and Complementary tax in accordance with the provisions of Law 1819 of 2016, Decree 2150 of 2017 and Book I Title VI of the Tax Statute, so comments and concerns about the entity can be expressed. If you want to consult the documents, follow this link: and if you have any questions, write to us at [email protected].

We attach documentation of public interest:

  1. Informe anual de resultados 2019 (click here)
  2. Acta Asamblea (click here)
  3. 1114602637259 Recibido DIAN (click here)
  4. Certificación Antecedentes Judiciales (click here)
  5. Certificación Representante Legal (click here)
  6. Certificación Rte Legal y Revisor Fiscal (click here)
  7. Certificado Remuneración (click here)
  8. Escritura Pública (click here)
  9. Estados financieros 2019 (click here)
  10. Estatutos (click here)
  11. Presentado DIAN (click here)
  12. RUT Fundación actualizado (click here)

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