High School

Our high school curriculum is based on internationally benchmarked standards and brought to life by teacher instructional practices. Departments have innovated many courses in recent years in order to bring the best pedagogy to the students in preparation for the future, and to innovate based on the needs of our ever-changing world. In grades 9 and 10 students fulfill many of the core areas with some elective choices, and in grades 11 and 12 students have more specialized courses to apply their skills in a context closer to their interest and future career interests. For example, a student pursuing an engineering career may take advanced Calculus, Physics, and Hands on Engineering courses, while a student pursuing a medical career may take Advanced Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology. Every student’s schedule has an X block for support within every 5 day rotation and College Counseling also becomes an important part of the curriculum during the high school years to set students up to excel in the pathway of their choice.

Each year the curriculum is reviewed in order to ensure a coherent and meaningful scope of skills, concepts, and knowledge that are systematically taught and evaluated. The curricular maps are developed by the teachers of each department identifying themes and the units plans are continuously refined using a “backward” planning model.