Our History

In February 1947, a group of Colombian and American parents founded a multicultural school, open to all regardless of race, creed, sex, or ideology. Today we are a non-profit, mixed and non-denominational School with a view to university preparation.

Also from the very beginning of the Columbus School it was intended to create an institution that met the standards required not only by the Colombian education system, but also by those of the United States. This is how since 1964, the School has joined SACS / AdvancED, an entity that accredits quality processes in education.

Currently, the School is recognized beyond the city and the country, for being a leader with its educational programs and for keeping all its processes in constant growth, improvement and evolution. All these special characteristics and our permanent commitment to educational quality, value training and personalized teaching, make our school year after year, to continue to be a leader in education.