The Columbus School Foundation

The Columbus School Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of community members such as students, parents, teachers, administrative staff and alumni. The Foundation has several social programs and projects.

For more information about the Foundation contact:

Ángela María Botero López
TCS Foundation Director
Phone: 604 4033000 Ext. 151
Mail: [email protected]

Yesenia Rodríguez Peñaranda
Administrative and Financial Analyst
Phone: 604 4033000 Ext. 147
Mail: [email protected]

We are a non-profit entity, governed by the Special Tax Regime. Our higher purpose is “Transforming lives through education, activating responsible citizenship.” To materialize this missionary objective we have two lines of action: Education and Social Capital.


We firmly believe that education is the key to transforming lives. That is why, in this line of action, we strive to offer opportunities for quality education to children and young people, to develop as professionals or explore new fields of knowledge that transform their lives.

Social capital:

Through our volunteer programs we make sure to activate responsible citizenship. Our students, their families, teachers, and staff are committed to making their society a better place, with more quality opportunities for all children and young people in the sector.

JKS Scholarships

We promote access to and permanence in Higher Education for young graduates of public educational institutions in the area of ​​influence of TCS, children of TCS staff and people from the community who require the benefit and meet the requirements, through contributions from our strategic allies. And in this way contribute to achieve their dreams by developing as professionals.

Robotics Scholarships

Thanks to our strategic allies, we can include students from public schools in our area of ​​influence, in the FRC TCS robotics program and deepen their knowledge in this area, which dominates our current situation and needs more and more professionals.

Volunteer program

In it we involve our TCS community so that it is an active part and promoter of change within the educational context, articulating and integrating realities with our nearby community.

Solidarity Fund

We activate this fund only when an emergency disrupts the life of someone in our community. In these cases, the Foundation works as a bridge between those affected and those who want to help them overcome the catastrophe or situation that affected them.Join our higher purpose through the following options!

Recurring donations

They are an easy and quick option to support us. Sign up for automatic debit to make a monthly donation that can go from 10,000 pesos onwards. (button that directs simon to register for theseSign up!) (Button that leads to the tutorial on how to sign up. How do they work?)one-time donationsMake a one-time donation to support our programs and projects. Together we achieve great things for our society! (button that leads to the Bancolombia qr for unique donations)

Purchase of uniforms

The sale of uniforms is one of our sources of income. Buy yours and support the higher education of a young person in the area of ​​influence or the son of our General Services staff.  (button that leads to the website of the Foundation where the uniforms are purchased “Buy yours”)

Be part of the friends Foundation

With your support, voice, ideas and experience, you can be an active part of the social network that the Foundation creates day after day. Write us an email and let us know your mobile number and the way in which you would like to help us transform lives through education.

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