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Counseling Department

The School has a counseling department composed of Psychologists that work with students day to day. They have classes with students on a monthly basis to talk about themes such as respect for others, relationships, friendships and bullying among others. The counselors are also in charge of working with students and parents if there are emotional or social issues.

There are 4 counselors for ES, 2 for MS, 2 for HS and a College Counselor that works with the HS  students.

Our College Counselor is in charge of helping students decide their best path for university studies. Different  university fairs are offered every school year, which offer various academic programs both inside and outside of Colombia. These fairs include the CIS Tour, Universities of Australia, Universities in Bogotá and Universities in Medellín among others.

Learning Center Department

We have a department with professionals who are always working and helping students that have learning difficulties or need an extra push. We want all our students to meet their highest level of learning and we are conscious that we all have different abilities. The Learning Center is there to guide all students who need it.