Academic Faculty Profile

  • Are coherent with “The Columbus Way” and are role models.
  • Promotes excellence in who the students are and what they know.
  • Recognize and maximize the individual potential of each student to achieve excellence.
  • Act in accordance with the institutional values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness caring, and citizenship.
  • Communicate in English and Spanish and promotes bilingualism.
  • Institute and maintain a classroom environment that promotes student learning.
  • Uses assessments to support student learning.
  • Use teaching strategies that are based on research.
  • Establish and promote appropriate student behavior.
  • Continuously  reflect on their teaching practices.
  • Recognize and support the school´s governance, follow and respect its norms, and look after the reputation of the School in different scenarios.
  • Participates in activities which are legally and socially accepted.
  • Here you may find everything that happens at our school, publish news and check student homework.
  • This integrated system allows you to check your schedule and publish grades.
  • Here you can find everything related to College Counseling! Check it out!
  • We have three libraries – Elementary School, Middle and High School and Curriculum Office.
  • This institutional guide orients and informs the community about the rights and duties of students and their relations to other stakeholders in the educational community of the school.
  • Here you will find information about the most important events at school. Don´t miss any activity!