Professional Learning

At TCS we believe in ongoing job-embedded professional learning through the support of coaches and Professional Learning Communities. We do not believe that sending isolated individuals to conferences results in lasting impact. Therefore, when possible, we organize learning opportunities at school to ensure lasting impact. Individuals in leadership roles will attend conferences as needed to further their knowledge to support and train the rest of the staff.


Support for Academic Teaching staff

  • Coaches

At TCS, we believe that everyone deserves a coach. Therefore, we have 7 Instructional Coaches that support staff in the areas of instruction, literacy, classroom environment, technology and DEI-J (diversity, equity, inclusion and justice). The coaches support teachers through individual coaching cycles, team coaching cycles, curriculum development and staff development sessions.


Professional Learning Opportunities on campus

  • School-hosted professional learning

Each year we host different workshops offered by outside organizations that are open to staff to apply to attend. Some examples of workshops we have hosted are: Cognitive Coaching, WIDA International Institute , Child Protection Level I training, and Restorative Justice Level 1 Training.

  • Professional Learning Days

Each year we have 8-9 days dedicated to professional learning on campus. On these days, we learn as a staff through workshops aligned to our Strategic Plan, host Teachers-Teaching-Teachers workshops and workshops offered by outside organizations.

  • SUNY Buffalo Master’s Degree

Staff at TCS can choose to enroll in a Master’s Degree program offered on campus. The program is A Masters of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies Degree from SUNY Buffalo completed over 3 school years. This program is heavily subsidized by TCS and currently costs $250 per course for a total of $2,500 for a Master’s degree (the cost is reviewed on a yearly basis and subject to change).


Professional Learning Opportunities off campus

  • Staff can apply to attend local conferences or conferences abroad that support their role.
  • Online Professional Learning

We encourage staff to pursue learning through webinars and virtual courses. We often have several staff members participate in the same webinar/course and form a learning community to discuss how to apply what they have learned.

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