Learning Center

The School has a department with professionals who are always working and helping students who have learning difficulties or who need additional help. It seeks that all students reach their highest level of learning and the School is aware that everyone has different skills. The learning center is there to guide all the students who need it.

Some components of our curricular program are:

  • Authentic learning based on projects supported by:

-Buck Institute Tools

-Systems thinking tools

-Thinking tools design


  • Highly qualified staff who:

-Are involved in continuous professional improvement

-Are supported by instructional coaches

-Can participate in a Master’s degree or courses on the School campus, offered by SUNY Buffalo


  • Learning infrastructure:

– Well-equipped classrooms with a variety of learning tools available for students and teachers.

-Fab Lab and Maker Space


-9 science labs

-Libraries in Elementary and Middle and High School

-Outdoor learning spaces.

-3 coliseums


-Art Gallery


  •  Universal values ​​and support for social and emotional learning

-Character Counts

-Second curriculum step

-Counseling in secondary school

-VIDA – Parent-led lessons on social and emotional learning


  • Co-curricular activities that support real-world challenges and create an impact:

-Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM)

-Model United Nations (MUN)

-Global Issues Network (GIN) and sustainability team

-Destination Imagination (DI)

-Social justice and Equity