Buffalo Masters Program

At The Columbus School the continued professional learning of our staff is important to us. In order to support this learning, we offer a Master’s of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies from The State University of New York (SUNY) College at Buffalo :

This program is appropriate for teachers from K4-12. The program consists of 10 courses (3 credits per course). Within the course of study there is a Master’s Project and Research Course that will be taken. The entire program is available on our campus and can be completed in three years. For more information please see their website: http://igpe.buffalostate.edu/

Some of the courses offered to date have been:

  • Essential strategies for Educators of American/international schools
  • ESL in international School Settings
  • Curriculum and Program Development for the Gifted Individual
  • Facilitating Group Problem Solving
  • Foundations of Creative Learning
  • Instructional Design & Assessment
  • Learning Styles Methods and Resources
  • Multimedia for Educators
  • Principles of Creative Problem Solving
  • Reading Assessment and Evaluation
  • The Holistic Curriculum: Teaching to both sides of the brain

The program is substantially subsidized by the School for staff members. In order to begin courses in September of each school year the applicant must first be accepted by SUNY. As a condition of acceptance perspective students must have an English level according to the Common European Framework of B2. Continuity depends upon demand.