Specific Facts

Founded in 1947 in Medellin, the Columbus School is a private, co-ed, non-denominational institution that offers an educational program from K4 through 12th grade for students of all nationalities.

Medellin is a city with a population of 3,800,000, set in a valley surrounded by mountains. It is 1,524 meters above sea level and enjoys an ideal climate with temperatures ranging from 16º C to 32º C.

The city is a cultural center, proud of its modern buildings, clubs and active social life. Trips within the country are usually made by plane. However, public land transportation may lead the curious visitor to many nearby interesting towns.

The School is governed by a Board of Directors, comprising of seven members appointed for a three year term by the School’s General Assembly. Membership is conferred to parents or guardians who have enrolled their sons or daughters at the Columbus School.

Our curriculum is a university preparatory curriculum. Students receive instructions both in English and Spanish. All grades are accredited by the Colombian Ministry of Education, thus any of our students may enroll in Colombian universities. The School is also accredited by AdvancED (entity that guarantees international level education quality).

We have a multicultural population of both Colombian and expat teachers. Classrooms range from 20 to 25 students. Our staff is comprised of 335 employees between teachers, administrative staff and maintenance personnel.

We have 1,722 students enrolled, 98% are Colombian and the remaining 2% are from other nationalities. Enrollment is divided as follows: 950 in Elementary School; 359 in Middle School; and 415 in High School.

The Columbus School is set on a 21 hectare campus, 30 minutes from the city of Medellin. The average temperature on our campus ranges from 13º C to 24º C. Educational facilities have over 70 spacious classrooms: eight science labs and four computer halls with laptops for students in the three schools; two libraries; three gyms, two soccer fields, an athletic track, a baseball field, separate fields and hard tracks for elementary students; an outdoor theater for 400 spectators, a Fine Arts Center with eight music halls and art classrooms, an auditorium for 270 spectators, an art gallery; a Professional Development and Curriculum Center, teacher lounges and work areas.

Great part of our teachers are North American. This offers our organizational culture a truly multicultural and global minded view. In order to hire the best international teachers, The Columbus School visits different international job fairs in North American cities twice a year.