Learning at TCS

Columbus School students participate in a variety of student-centered, meaningful learning experiences in a multicultural environment that prepares them to succeed in the pathway of their choice. Our curricular program strives to create critically conscious citizens, and empowered agents of positive change. Our curriculum promotes high performance learning that is applicable in the real world, seeks to connect people and ideas, create pathways and opportunities, and inspire a sense of engagement and purpose.

Some components of our curricular program are:

  • Renowned Curricular Programs to support a multilingual learning experience to develop fundamental academic skills and promote critical thinking and problem solving:
    -A balanced literacy approach drawing from Word Study,
    , Readers and Writers Workshop and biliteracy units to support multilingual learning (K-8), Lexia Core5 (K-5) and Lexia PowerUp (MS)
    -Bridges and Number Corner from Math Learning Center(K-5)
    MidSchool Math (6-8)
    Open Sci Ed (6-8)
    Advanced Placement courses (10-12)
    -A variety of career-track courses in grades 11-12 such as Financial Math, Hands-on Engineering, advanced Arts, Journalism and Creative Media (levels II and III) and Anatomy and Physiology.
    -Innovation for Social Change (grade 12)



  • Highly qualified teaching staff who:
    -Engage in continuous job-embedded professional learning
    -Are supported by Instructional Coaches and Learning Center support staff
    -Can engage in a virtual Master’s degree or courses from SUNY Buffalo


  • Learning Infrastructure that promotes collaboration and creativity:
    -Well-equipped classrooms with a variety of learning tools available to students and teachers
    -Fab Lab and Maker Space
    -9 science labs
    -Elementary and Secondary Libraries
    -Outdoor learning spaces
    -3 Gymnasiums
    -Art Gallery
    -A variety of flexible seating and learner-centered classroom arrangements.
    -Primary and secondary libraries.


  • Character Education, Values, and Social Emotional Learning approaches
    -Classroom without Walls trips for various grade levels 6-12
    -Integration activities (“Convivencia”) including camping trips, service and educational trips around Colombia, and local community-building activities with grade level groups
    -Character Counts (K-12)
    -Second Step Curriculum (K-5)
    -Advisory (6-8)
    -VIDA–Parent led lessons around social and emotional learning (K-5)
    -Relationship and community building strategies embedded into all curricular areas and supported through professional development (K-12)


  • Co-curriculars that support real world challenges and create an impact:
    -Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM)
    -Model United Nations (MUN)
    -Global Issues Network (GIN) and Sustainability Team
    -Student Curriculum Council
    -Student Council
    -Girl Up
    -Our Minds Matter
    -National Honor Society
    -TCS Gay-Straight Alliance


  • Competitive sports activities to develop athleticism and teamwork offered through the polideportivo and extracurricular programs:
    -Mountain biking


  • Universal values and support for social and emotional learning
    -Character stories
    -Second step curriculum
    -Secondary school counseling
    -VIDA-Parent-led lesson on social and emotional learning